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November 21, 2023
by NeoPancho

Taking a look to the EBten edition of The King of Fighters XIII

Last week, 2 fighting games were released for PS4 and Switch, one is the fabulous Dino Rex and the other, The King of Fighters XIII Global Match. KOF XIII got released digitally and will be physically in Europe and USA in a few days (already available in Asia). As usual, Pix’n’love is taking care of the European edition (and American one too this time i think) of the SNK tittle, they do pretty good editions if a bit expensive for what they usually are (Neo-Geo style box, book, some illustration cards and a CD sometimes), sadly this time the cover illustrations of the different editions were too ugly ( i just don’t stand the KOF main heroes ^_^uuu) or extremely expensive with nothing redeeming them, so i had to pass…

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