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Taking a look to the 16 and 8 bits versions of Lorna


Somehow i got the Amiga version of Lorna, so i decided to check it out alongside the 8 bits versions. This is not a look to the games themselves but to the boxes, manual, etc.

Lorna was released for a bunch of systems but at the end of the day there were 2 types of packaging, 8 and 16 bits, so let’s check them out.

Let’s start with the 8 bits version. I have the ZX Spectrum and MSX versions, the MSX one is slightly in better conditions, so it’s the one mostly shown up in the pictures. The main point is the wonderful illustration of Lorna by Alfonso Azpiri (creator of Lorna) in the cover and a short comic included in the manual.

For the 16 bits they went for a more “deluxe” version,  bigger packaging, bigger manual and a lovely poster of Lorna (same illustration than in the cover) by Azpiri; another nice touch is with the manual, it’s a bit more complete than the 8 bits version and the short story of Lorna included is in color this time!.

Now let’s compare visually the differences of both versions.