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Taking a look to the (European) Deluxe Editions of NeoGeo Pocket Color Selection Vol. 1 for Switch


In Europe, the NeoGeo Pocket Color Selection Vol. 1 received 4 editions thanks to Pix’n’love, vanilla (just the game), collector and 2 deluxe editions (SNK and Capcom), since the deluxe editions comes with everything the lesser ones included, we are going to take a look to all the editions!. Let’s start by taking a look to the (huge!) boxes of the 2 deluxe editions.

Once we open the box…

  • The first thing we see is a certificate of authenticity and the specific unit we got (there are only 300 units of each version).
  • In the second layer there is a LP record with music from some of the games of the collection; Kyo is in the cover of the SNK version and Ryu in the Capcom one, sadly both discs have the same music tracks and it’s note worthy that even if there is “Capcom version” of the LP, actually there isn’t any of the SNK vs Capcom melodies related to Capcom included.
  • Now we can see a envelope wich a replica of all the NeoGeo Pocket Color games included (once again, the European version).
  • Acrylic figures of all the playable fighters of SNK vs Capcom Match of the Millenium (SNK version with the SNK characters and Capcom version with the Capcom characters).
  • A acrylic figure of a NeoGeo Pocket Color
  • The collector edition.

Let’s take a better look.

Time to check the Collector edition, wich is quite gorgeous!.

  • First we can see some beautiful illustrated cards with the art of all the the games covers, but just the art, no logos or text; in the reverse we get some information about the game.
  • A book with information about the games, illustrations, characters…
  • A replica of a European (or Japanese at first) NeoGeo Pocket game box, in which you can put a actual NGP game and a Switch one too. You can see in the pictures a comparison with a real NeoGeo Pocket game.
  • And finally, the game. It comes with a reversible cover (sadly, same illustration but different background color) and a instruction manual (which actually cover all the games).