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Taking a look to the Idol Janshi Suchie Pai Saturn Tribute collector edition


Nice box!

Here we can see what is included in the the box; it shows the games and the goodies we are about to see. You can see covers for 4 Saturn games… technically, there are 5 different Saturn games releases included in the game card, but at the end of the day, it’s pretty much 3 games with slightly different versions.


So, let’s open the box, first thing we see is the actual game case and and something to the left that is a sound drop, we will see it better later.


If we remove the game case, we find 2 cards with 3 different DLC codes, one is for an eShop game (a Sega Saturn fan disc of the series, pretty much a gallery), and 2 codes to download in digital the audio CDs included.

Now we can see a DVD case with 2 CDs and a booklet inside. These CDs include all the vocal songs of the games, and there are a bunch!

Now we can see the Suchie Pai Radio Station, a CD with the characters interacting between them.

This is the final item of the box, a book with information, design and new conmmemorative illustrations for this release. It’s mainly about the included games but it also goes over the other games.

This is the really cute sound drop, when you push the button it says classic Suchie Pai quotes that apparently have been recorded newly.



This clear file is included with all the first released units, but different shops also offer their very own goodies.