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Some videos of Idol Janshi Suchie Pai Collection Saturn Tribute


Some games show more flesh than others but in general this famous game series is kind of like strip poker but with Mahjong (similar to Super Real Mahjong) mixed with super powers wich make it very special and fun, originally it showed some nipples here and there (nothing more)… but for Switch it all has been censored with cosmic beams from outer space, here you can see a comparison of the versions of Suchie Pai Special for Switch (technically the Saturn game), Saturn, 3DO and SNES (it’s a different game, but anyway); the 3DO is the only uncensored one (later a equivalent Saturn version was released) and oddly enough the one with the lower age rating (16 yearsor older)!.

Suchie Pai Special

Suchie Pai II



Idol Janshi Suchie Pai Special: Technically this is the censored version for Sega Saturn of Suchie Pai, later a “Remix version” was released uncensored… both games are included in the Switch collection, but makes little difference as all the games are censored with cosmic beams for the Switch.

Idol Janshi Suchie Pai 2: This game was released uncensored for the Sega Saturn, but once again, cosmic beams from outer space show up in the Switch version. This is a much improved version graphically over the first game, it also includes a second disc which is pretty much like the first Suchie Pai with characters from both games.