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Quick view to Bayonetta 3 Trinity Masquerade Edition (Japanese)


This special edition is sadly kind of basic, just like the Xenoblade 3 one. This is the Japanese edition but it’s my understanding that all versions are pretty much identical content wise: the outer box, the game, an art book and 3 alternative covers, that’s it…

Here we can see the game and a mysterious box…


Inside the box, there are the 3 alternative covers for the 3 Bayonetta games.

There are some small differences i can tell between the Japanese and the European edition boxes. First, the European one has a bunch of age rating logos, legal information in different languajes, etc. which make this edition a bit less pleasant to look at first… but it’s also printed in a better quality, while the Japanese box is printed in matte, the European one is mostly also printedd in matte but with some parts in glossy (the logos and Bayonetta herself) which looks really cool.