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Xenocrisis (NeoGeo CD gameplay)


Xenocrisis is a pretty good twin stick shooter (Smash TV, Ikari Warriors…) that has been available for a while and for pretty much any system under the sun, and luckily the NeoGeo CD is one of those systems (NeoGeo AES and MVS get games now and then, but for the CD is waaaay less common).In this kind of games, when you don’t have a second stick (or equivalent) to aim, you have a problem, here it’s solved by using combination of buttons, when you press the shoot button you can rotate in the 2 directions by using other buttons… this work fairly well with the NeoGeo stick but with the NeoGeo CD pad the buttons position is less than ideal for the job, you can get by but it’s easy to tell that the games wasn’t created with that pad in mind (no wonder).