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Idol Mahjong Final Romance 2 (Nintendo Switch)


Idol Mahjong Final Romance 2 was originally a arcade game for NeoGeo that now arrives to the Nintendo Switch. Similarly to the Super Real Mahjong saga, this is a mahjong game in which as you win the girls will remove some clothing until being topless. To add some sauce to the game there are some power up you can buy to make your job easier (like getting the last piece you need to win or cancelling the winning hand of your adversary).

The game is mostly the same than the NeoGeo CD version but with a new HD interface to make texts more readable, but the graphics, sounds, musics, etc. are exactly the same… aside of the censorship, because, yes, the game is heavily censored (nothing unexpected) with some white bars covering anything offending.

As a curiosity, the illustrations are exactly the same ones than in the old days, but the cropping is slightly different, a bit more zoomed out…

NeoGeo CD


Nintendo Switch

Below is a video of the NeoGeo CD version showing mostly the same, just to compare…