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Mai Shiranui presentation for KOF XV


After many months relegating my very own blog, something forced me to update it… yep, Mai Shiranui.

We already knew she was included in KOF XV (still with no date or even systems for release) but it’s very nice to finally get her presentation video, aside of the new 3D model we can see some old moves coming back and even a few new/altered ones!. Personally i love that her “ohohoho!” laugh is back (well it’s also in SNK Heroines but it has been missing from main games for a long while).

With King and Yuri presented previously, it looked like the classic Women Fighters team would make a come back, but it wasn’t the case. If the stages are indication of anything (probably not) it might be that Mai and Yuri are in the same team, personally i would love a Fatal Fury Women Team (Mai, Mary and Alice) and a Art of Fighting Women Team (King, Yuri and Kasumi).