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A quick look to the Nights of Azure 2 collector edition (European version)


A long time ago i showed one of the the many awesome Japanese editions, i also got back in the day the European one but forgot to show it here (the quality of the pictures didn’t help ^_^u) until now. It’s not quite as magnificent as the Japanese one, but still quite cool. This is the Switch version but the PS4 one is bound to be the same, i also thing the USA version is identical but haven’t really checked it.


This is the box, quite pretty if you ask me. Let’s take a look to what it has inside…



To the left we have 3 posters made of fabric, the soundtrack in the middle, artbook to the right and of course… the game!



The soundtrack comes in 2 pretty CDs. Now, i love the game but i’m not going to say that it’s great or anything, but the soundtrack… wow!.


The artbook is a little wonder, and that’s the problem, to really appreciate the art a bigger format would have been appreciated.


Finally these are the 3 posters made of fabric, probably there is a much better way of calling them in English but i can’t think of one right now, sorry!. They are kind of shiny so the pictures doesn’t make them any justice in how gorgeous they really are.  The problem are all those wrinkles… probably they can be ironed out but i didn’t had the courage to try it!.