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2 Videos for the outstanding “Samurai Shodown! 2” (Nintendo Switch / NeoGeo Pocket Color)


By preordering or buying Samurai Shodown within the first days, PS4 and Xbox One users could get the first Fighter Pass (5 DLC characters) for free, for Nintendo Switch it’s quite a bit different, you get only 1 of the DLC characters (Shizumaru, you have to pay for the remaining 4), but more importantly, you get “Samurai Shodown! 2” a NeoGeo Pocket Color game that is nothing short of awesome, probably i’m about the only one who think this, but Switch owners get the better deal!.

The emulator includes a graphic filter that emulates very well how games really looked in a NGP Color screen, hopefully youtube doesn’t destroy the video and it can be appreciated! ^_^uuu


Graphic Filter ON:


Graphic Filter Off