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Terry Bogard joins Super Smash Bross.


Terry Bogard

It was a small dream of mine to have some SNK representation in Smash and it finally realized; ideally it would have been Mai Shiranui but it couldn’t be (for now) and Terry is one of my favorite characters (pretty much i like anything Fatal Fury related) so I’m really happy. Aside of the really ugly KOF stadium which is his stage (there are already a few look alike stadiums in the game so…) pretty much anything else is great, Sakurai’s team made a wonderful job integrating Terry within smash framework adding a few irks exclusives to Terry (i think most DLC characters add some exclusive elements to the gameplay). Specially noteworthy is the insane amount of music tracks added to the game, 50, with a few great remixes, specially noteworthy is a new remix of the classic Psycho Soldier theme made by Yuzo Koshiro (if you don’t know who he is… please, make yourself a favor and look for some information). Some Mii costumes has been also added, Nakoruru, Iori and Ryo Sakazaki… i’m not a big fan of the Miis but the costumes are really cute!.


If you haven’t watched the official presentation video of Terry, well, it’s great… in my totally biased opinion, the best one so far, and all of them have been great!