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Nanbu Kaguya figure (Mugen no Frontier Super Robot Wars O.G. Saga)


Usually the Super Robot Wars games are somewhat similar to Fire Emblem, just with giant robots, but there are some outlier here and there, like the 2 Mugen no Frontier games developed by Monolith Soft (Xenoblade, Xenosaga…) for the Nintendo DS that happen to be RPG with a quite special combat system, for this post we are taking a look to the quite curvy heroine, Kaguya Nanbu we have seen her more recently in Project X Zone for 3DS. Particullary i loved the 2 games (and pretty much anything done by Monolith Soft ^_^u), i hope we get a chance to play a new one (or at least a remake of both games)!.


The figure is part of the Moecore Plus brand of Volks, the 3 heroines (Kaguya, Ashen and Zuzuka) are available and can be displayed in a diorama. Later a new batch of figures based in Mugen no Frontier Exceed were released.