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Ace of Seafood (Wii U)


This curious game was released recently in the Japanese eShop for Wii U. It’s kind of like the flying arcade series Ace Combat or even StarFox in “all range mode”, but instead of air/space ships you have fishes and crustacean that shoot bullets, beams, missiles ^_^u…

There is a large area of sea in which you can swim and in the map (gamepad) we will see some indications; i haven’t played too much (it didn’t help that until a recent patch the game would crash more often than not, among other equally serious problems that made playing nearly impossible) and as you can see in the video i get killed quite often, but  the point of the game looks to be to conquest certain areas so that they become our new homebases, if you see a big blue point in the map, that base is ours, if it’s yellow, then, we have to conquer it.

You can find enemy fishes randomly in the sea, but at each enemy base we will discover it’s protected by a “boss” that happen to be a powerful fish (or a bunch of them!); just like in Ace combat, you are not usually alone, there are some wingmen to assist you, and you can buy new and better aircraft for you and your partners, here you can buy other fishes of different kind to assist you.