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Having a lot of fun with The King of Fighters XIV


Recently i got the limited edition, Burn to Fight, of KOF XIV, *probably* i will add more information about this fantastic edition at another time, but i can say now is that it’s a blast to play. There are a few things i miss (most characters only have 1 winning pose and there aren’t taunts), but somehow SNK created from scratch a superb game with 50 playable characters (48 normal fighters and 2 bosses… and no, there aren’t clones or reskins of other fighters). Each characters have 3 intros/interactions with other characters but i couldn’t help but smile at this one, probably the simplest and shortest of all of them, don’t worry if you don’t get the point…

In The King of Fighters 98 there was a non important bug in which Leona salute Chang for no reason, while Ralf get mocked… which more than probably should be otherwise even if SNK oficially said that it was intended that way (yeah, no one believe that ^_^u), take a look to this video and make your own conclusion!