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Tokyo Mirage Sessions #FE (Fortissimo Edition) vs Genei Ibunroku #FE (Fortissimo Edition)


I did a extensive review of Genei Ibunroku #FE, so i don’t think it’s needed to make another one for Tokyo Mirage Sessions unless i see some big changes aside of changing some costumes, so, what i’m going to do is compare the Japanese an European (i think the American one is the same aside of a different shaped box) Fortissimo Edition of the game. So let’s start checking the European version…




Different special editions, all using the same kind of boxes

As you can see, Nintendo has used once again the same type of boxes for the special edition of their games…

Fortissimo Edition pal

This is what we find inside the box.

Prints with illustrations and songs lyrics

As you can see, in these prints there is a illustration in one side and a song’s lyric on the other.

Stcikers and DLC

To the left a sticker sheet and a DLC code to the right

CD with some songs of the game.


An artbook.




Let’s check out now the Japanese version, they are very similar, but we will see some differences…




All there is  inside the Japanese Fortissimo Edition

The game, an artbook, a Tsubasa card for Fire Emblem Cypher, CD, 2 DLC codes and a ticket for a live concert.

DLC, a card and a ticket for a Live concert.

the ticket for the concert (it’s my understanding it was GREAT), the Tsubasa card and 2 DLC codes. There are some differences with the DLC, here there are more costumes than in the European version (it’s missing the swimsuits) but it doesn’t include 3 special missions that are included in the European one (you can buy them at the eShop).

CD con buena parte de las canciones.


Artbook, it’s nearly identical to the European one but… we will see…




To the right we can see the 3 editions of this game edited in Japan. The game alone, the Fortissimo edition and the pack including a Wii U!. This last pack include everything that the Fortissimo does and also include some stickers and prints, I think those are the same that comes with the European version, but I´m not sure of this point. De aquí destacar que podemos ver las 3 versiones de este juego aparecidas en Japón, el juego pelado y mondado, la edición Fortissimo que estamos viendo aquí y el pack con la consola que incluye lo mismo que la edición Fortissimo japonesa y unas pegatinas y láminas (creo que las mismas que nos han llegado a Europa con la versión Fortissimo)


We have already seen both versions, so it’s time to compare them!





I have already commented it, but anyway, I think that the prints and stickers that only the European edition includes were also included with the Japanese console bundle.



So far, so good…


It begins…


I’m sure that if i wouldn’t have marked them no one would have seen the difference! ^_^U


Here you can see a little bit better the change to Tsubasa costume for her first single (and later, battle costume), Nintendo decided to show less flesh.


This is interesting, we have already seen that Tsubasa went through some changes in her costumes for the European version, but the same happened to Kiria in Japan, they decided to change one of her costumes, in the Japanese artbook you can still see her original design while it has been corrected for the European one. You can see that there is also a curious change at the picture in the middle of both artbooks…


Leaving aside the translation of text and changes in some costumes, both books are nearly identical… but all along the book we can see some small changes in some pictures that there were no need to change… I think that these changes are due to changing game pictures with Japanese text for others similar, but not identical with English text… but even in this same page you can see that there are other game pictures with Japanese text… so, yeah, i have no idea what’s the criteria for changing some pictures ^_^!