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Tokyo Mirage Sessions #FE / Genei Ibunroku #FE Review (2nd part)



The second part has arrived… and we are still 2 or 3 parts short of completing it! ^_^U. If you understand Spanish you might as well want to read the complete 2 parts review that is already available.

Whose are the the main characters?

Itsuki: He’s the main protagonist, he gets some acting, dance, sing, etc. classes, but he really acts as support for the other characters, kind of like a manager. The boy is clever, but he’s a little bit dense at times. His Mirage is the Lord Chrom.


Tsubasa: Friend of Itsuki who wants to be a singer like her idol, Kiria. She’s A little awkward, but very nice, cute and a little bit clumsy, but when she gets the hand of things no one can stop her. Her Mirage is Shiida, the pegasus knight.


Toma: Good old friend Itsuki and Tsubasa, he would love to be the hero of a sentai series (similar to the Power Rangers). When the game begins, he’s already a Mirage Master, his Mirage is the Social Knight Cain.


Kiria: She is the most popular singer at the time, being at the top of all the charts. A “Cool beauty”, cold and distant at first glance, but she loves cute things. Alongside her Mirage, Tharja the Dark Mage, she’s been kicking ass and taking names for some years now with the Mirage incidents.


Eleonora: A young and promising actress who want to take her career to Hollywood; She’s half Japanese and half Westerner, so her natural blond hair gets a lot of attention making her a little self-conscious. Her Mirage is Virion.


Mamori: The younger protagonist of the game (12 years old if I recall right), she is the popular “Renchin Mamorin Idol” ( “Mamorin, the idol cooking with microwave”… more or less), the star of a popular TV cooking show for kids; She loves to sing enka (a Japanese traditional style that is not very popular with people so young) but her career hasn’t given her yet an opportunity as a singer.


Tsurugi: A popular singer and actor, his intentions are not very clear. His Mirage is Nabarl.


Maiko: A beautiful woman that used to be a gravure model, she left her modeling career to create Fortune Entertainment, a talent agency at which belong all the main characters)  and find Mirage Masters to fight the evil Mirages. She’s not a Mirage Master as such, but meeting Tiki 5 years ago is what impulsed her to create “Fortune Entertainment”.


Tiki: The manakete (descendant of the dragons with human form that can take a draconic appearance using some special stones) that we first met in the original Fire Emblem ( “Fire Emblem Shadow Dragon” in its remake for DS) and the Priestess of the Divine Dragon Naga in “Fire Emblem : Awakening ” (3DS). Tiki has lost her memory and much of her power, because of that she have to stay in the “Bloom Palace” (an idolsphere in the Fortuna Entertainment office) not being able to stay more than a few seconds outside. She does not fight directly, but will help other Mirages to become more powerful. Tiki has some contact with the real world in the form of  a “utaloide” ( “singaloide”), a program to create songs with her image and voice, it comes to be the same as Hatsune Miku.


Barry: Formerly a famous guitarist who left everything for the otaku culture. He works as a coach for Fortune Entertainment; for singing or modeling, he will prepare you.


The Mirages: Through the game there are plenty of FE Mirages, but they have lost their memory and only know their names and little more, but they still keep their personalities.


 I have seen the characters with different costumes, can you customize the characters?

Yes, but probably not as you imagine. Let’s start by saying that each character has many different outfits that only serve for aesthetic purpose, they don’t affect your character in any meaningful way (). Some of these costumes can be bought within the game (most of them), if you see that a character using a new outfit in a sequence, then you can buy the same outfit later; the other way is through DLC.


There is a single slot for accessories (pendants, earrings, belts) that will change the characteristics of the characters, but the typical “armor” concept does not exist as such, it is a bit more complex, the weapon and the armor are fused into one. When a Mirage lends its power to a Mirage Master, the Mirage change into its “carnage form” and that’s actually a weapon (for example, Chrom becomes a sword and Tharja a microphone … that’s the magic cane of Kiria); a better sword, not only improves the attack but also alters the strengths and weaknesses of a character and this is crucial as i will explain later. Quite often it’s better to use a less powerful weapon but that makes you more resistant to enemy’s attacks, particularly of the bosses.

In addition, each weapon has a series of skills (special attacks, passive skills, supporting attacks) that Mirages will offer to go through experience that weapon (if you’ve played a Shin Megami Tensei, it’s equivalent to when a demon offers some of their techniques for you to learn), that experience that the weapon get does not make the weapon stronger (ther is another way of doing that) only serves for the Mirages to teach you their skills; the characters can only carry a certain amount of these skills so sooner rather than later we will have to go choosing what we keep and what we discard … this is a key element of the game, as the skills we have in a chapter of the game can make the work much harder or easier. In any case it is possible to relearn skills that have discarded previously.

Each weapon have its own characteristic, weakness and strengths. The Mirage will also offer you different skills depending of the weapon.


“what?! It’s over already?!” Well, yes… sorry! ^_^U
I will try to have the remaining parts available soon.

Here you have the 3rd part of the review, or you can go back to the 1st one!


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