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Touch Battle Tank SP (Wii U)


Touch Battle Tank is a long old friend of 3DS, actually there are 2 games for the 3DS (the Wii U game is an update of the first one). Touch Battle Tank SP is a conversion for Wii U only available (at the time of writting!) in Japan, it’s pretty much the 3DS game but with some extra levels. It’s a simple game graphic and sound wise but it controls quite well, you move the tank with the left stick and all the firing and aiming is done with the touch screen. There are 2 types of tanks:

  • Blue has better armor and it’s slower, its bullets can neutralize enemy fire and youcan actually charge your shoot for more powerfull bullets.
  • Red is the reverse of Blue, it’s quick and weak, it can jump to avoid enemy fire and its bullets are quicker and can bound against the walls.

In the touch screen (where we will be playing probably since it is easier to aim) we will have a zoomed in view so we can’t see the whole battle map.