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First contact with Toushin Toshi Girls Gift RPG (3DS)




Toushin Toshi Girls Gift is a remake made by Imageepoch jrpg of Toushin Toshi II (1994), a hentai (XXX) RPG game by Alicesoft… and certainly it has been revamped from top to bottom.

Let’s see if you can guess which side is the original and which the remake 😉

Green_Hani kaguya_kaguya mazmorras

Hentai games made their way onto consoles with the PC-Engine CD and lasted till the middle point of the 32 bits with Saturn, 3DO and PC-FX getting some… so that was quite some time ago. After that, quite a few games that were hentai originally have made their way into consoles by dropping all nudity/sex scenes and obviously Toushin Toshi Girls Gift is one of them, nonetheless, it has a CERO D classification in Japan, the equivalent to PEGI 18 or M (ESRB) wich is for 17 years old and older, and the maximum age rating you can see in a console… so, you can expect some sexy pictures and mature themes.

So far it looks like a quite straightforward jrpg, you enter into a dungeon and fight random monster (which are quite original), you met other characters and can accept quests. The battles are in first person (like the firsts Dragon Quest or Phantasy Stars), you don’t see your hero, just the enemy and slashes when you attack. Usually in these games you can form a party with a few characters and make the job a little easier, one of the defining point of this game is that all the battles are 1 vs 1. As you can guess, there are special and magic attacks, but the way you can get them is a little different, instead of learning them when leveling up you get them by getting along with girls (you do that by talking with them and completing quest), once you reach a certain point in this relation (which might be that you got her a rare item in the middle of a dungeon) you receive her “gift” and that’s your new power.

So far i really like what i’m playing, but let’s give it a few more hours of play.

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