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Wellcome to my corner in the net!


Hi there, i started my “El Rincón de NeoPancho” quite a few years ago writing about videogames i like and sometimes my opinion on some matters; probably i’m the only one who read my own blog but i always wanted to make a more international version anyway, in English… and well the last time i tried doing it… i destroyed my Spanish blog!. This time it looks like the project is working a little bit better ^_^.

I update my blog quite seldom, so i “should” have more than enough time to make the translations, this is might be part of the problem, i’m not a professional translator or anything like that so my translations are bound to be a little bit lacking in quality, but possibly they will make more sense than anything than an automatic translator can do , if you see that something is wrong or could be much better, i welcome any correction.

As you can see it’s quite empty at the moment (hopefully it’ll improve soon!), so i invite you to pay a visit to the Spanish version, and if you see something you are interested and would like to read in English, just tell me and will translate as soon as possible 😉

So once again, welcome and thanks a lot for stopping at this cozy corner of the web, i hope you’ll feel right at home.


Updated: So… What is a cel?